Selecting your photographs to send to the photographer.


While viewing you gallery page (the page with all the thumbnail photos} you will see the select photos button. Clicking on the button will allow you to select  photographs that you would like the photographer to include in you album. 


In the top right-hand side of the window you will find the SELECT PHOTOS button. Clicking the select photos will allow you to click on the photo thumbnails. 


Selected photos will have a check mark in thew bottom left of the thumbnail.


When you are finished making all you selections choose the ADD TO FAVOURITES


Go to selection  

The favourites now appears in the top left of the window.

Hover you cursor over the favourites and select "switch to" 




Name your favourite, enter your name and email address then add any notes that you may wish to pass along, clicking SHARE will send your favourites to the photographer. Your favourites will remain available from your web browser and will appear at the top left of your window while you are visiting the website.