Frozen images turned into video

February 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It was a crisp and partly overcast day, despite the forecast for warmer temperatures the cold was not going to give up its grip. After bruising my toe (long story) running in the race was out of the question. So I grabbed my gear and headed down to the start line as the official photographer for my running group. Standing outside for a while my fingers started to get cold, the wind on my face was definitely not pleasant.  The 2015 edition of the Hypothermic Half Marathon was going to be a long haul for the runners and a test of cold endurance for my camera and I. From past experience I know the route heads west along the river pathways and turns around back to the start/finish line. The goal was to watch the start of the race then quickly move down he course and capture the runners as they headed out and back along the pathway before racing back to get the runners finishing. By the end of the shoot I was frozen, being barely able to feel my fingers it felt like I was using a stick to press the shutter release, and yes I was wearing gloves. On the good news side my trusty Nikon worked perfectly. Remember shooting shooting in extreme cold temperatures with film cameras every once in a while you would get a static spark on the film usually right on top of your best image. Today modern DLSR's are not designed to be frozen.

After the race and while I was warming up I was flipping through the photos on the camera, as the images flipped by it started to look like a movie. So that gave me an idea, why not make it into a movie.  A little work and experimenting to get the frame size and timing just right the finished product was ready for the theaters. The final product looks much like the old style 8mm movies your parents had. Although it might not be the next blockbuster short feature in your local theate it sure is something fun to try. 

Check out the video 




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